Important Changes to OFAI Candidate Testing Services

Important Changes to OFAI Candidate Testing Services

As of September 7, 2016, the OFAI will be implementing a number of changes to the Candidate Testing assessments. These changes will help streamline the testing process for both the OFAI and candidates. As well, the changes will help candidates to be better prepared when applying for fire recruitments. For details on all of these changes, please review the Pre-assessment Guides prior to any testing. This is a mandatory part of our assessments.

Some of the most notable changes are: 

  1. Stage Three, Part Two-Firefighter Technical Skills
    There are several revisions to the six evolutions that comprise this assessment.  Please review the Candidate Testing Information for Stage Three, Part Two-Firefighter Technical Skills for all the details. 
  2. Informed Consent for Clinical Evaluation 
    Candidates must now complete the Informed Consent for Clinical Evaluation Form before participating in the Clinical Assessment. This form is your consent to proceed with the assessment, acknowledging that you understand the test procedures and the potential risks.
  3. Consent to Vitals Screening
    During the pre-appraisal screening for both Stage Two, Part Two-Clinical Assessment and Stage Three, candidates are given up to six(6) readings for blood pressure and resting heart rate. After three(3) attempts, candidates are now required to sign a consent form before continuing with additional readings. If after six(6) readings, vitals are still outside of the expected range, candidates will not be able to continue with their assessment on that day.  If you do not pass your pre-appraisal screening vitals, this is not considered a fail, it is just not safe to proceed with physical testing at this time.

    Please note: We do not accept doctor’s notes for candidate's blood pressure and/or heart rate. The readings must be within the specified range during the pre-appraisal screening in order to proceed with the assessment. This is both for candidate's personal safety and the safety of our clinicians. Please contact the OFAI Administration office at for more information.

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