Q:  How does your stage (assessment) process work?
Q:  Can I do all my stages (assessments) in one day?
Q: How many hours will testing take?
Q:  Where is the testing location?
Q: What is the cost of the testing?
Q:  Why do I require an online account?
Q:  How and when do I get my results?
Q:  I was unsuccessful in my Stage One assessment, can I find out where I went wrong?
Q: Why isn't there a regularly scheduled Swim Test
Q:  How and when do I receive my certificates?
Q: How long are my certificates valid for? 
Q: If I am unsuccessful at a stage, when I can I re-test?
Q:  Why do I need to download the pre-assessment guides?
Q:  What is the difference between "trained" and "un-trained"?
Q:  Do you have to be trained to register for Stage Three?
Q: I was unsuccessful on one of the Stage Three Firefighter Technical Skills, can I find out where I went wrong?
Q:  Can I re-schedule or cancel my assessments?
Q:  What type of first aid/CPR training do I need to successfully complete the Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment - Skill 6:  Medical skills?
Q: Does the CPAT Orientation include a timed trial?

Q:  How does your testing process (assessment) process work?

A:  Our testing process is split into three assessment stages - Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three.  All candidates are required to go through the staged assessment process in order by stage.  For example, a candidate cannot start the process at Stage Two.   In order to move on to each stage, you must successfully complete the assessments in the prior stage.  Everyone starts at Stage One.

Q:  Can I do all my stages (assessments) in one day?

A:   Our assessments are completed in a two day process.  Stages One and Two are done on one day and Stage Three is done on another day.  You do not have to complete them back to back.  If you want to do Stage One and Two on one day and Stage Three in another week or so, that is fine and is at the discretion of each candidate.

Q: How many hours will testing take?

A: Please plan to be at the test facility for 3 to 4 hours when engaging in Stage One & Two,  or Stage Three Testing.  Delays may occur at any stage of testing so we advise candidates to come prepared with food and water if they feel they will require it throughout the duration of testing.

Q:  Where is the testing location?

A:  All testing is done at the GTAA Fire and Emergency Training Institute (FESTI) located in 2025 Courtneypark Drive in Mississauga.  Our administration office is located in Ajax.  Any questions regarding our testing must be facilitated through the administration office in Ajax.

Q: What is the cost of testing? 

Stage One - National Fire Select Test-$65.00
Stage Two, Part One - Medical Screening-$85.00
Stage Two, Part Two - Clinical Assessment-$100.00
CPAT Orientation (optional)-$132.00
Stage Three, Part One - Candidate Physical Ability Test-$198.00
Stage Three, Part Two - Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment-$250.00

HST is additional to above prices.

Q:  Why do I require an online account?

A:  Candidates must register an account with us to register for an assessment online.  In addition, this is where we upload your certificates so candidates can have access at any time.  

Q:  How and when do I get my results?

A:  All candidates receive their results immediately.  When you are booked into Stage One, you are immediately notified of your results so you continue on immediately to Stage Two.  Each evaluator/proctor will notify you of a pass or fail.   The evaluators/proctors will not give you any feedback regarding your assessment.  Questions must be facilitated to the OFAI administration office. 

Q:  I was unsuccessful in my Stage One assessment, can I find out where I went wrong?

A: If you've had TWO or more unsuccessful attempts with Stage One, you can contact the administration office at info@ofai.ca to request general feedback.Your email must include your name, testing dates, and candidate ID. Response time varies but averages 7-10 business days after the request is received. Please note candidates do not receive results.  Municipal fire services do not receive your results.  

We recommend that each applicant prepare for Stage One by upgrading their basic academic skills in regards to mathematical reasoning, writing skills, grammar, spelling etc.  There are many different types of practice tests or study guides available at the library or your local bookstore.  An online search may prove to be helpful in preparing.  Improving your reading skill level will prove highly beneficial.  The humans relations and work styles inventory is a series of questions will ask how you feel or what you think about a specific topic or will ask you to describe yourself in various ways. Depending on the circumstances, you may act or respond differently to each scenario.  You will need to select the response that is the closest to representing you the majority of the time. If you have not experienced the situation, it is helpful to imagine yourself in similar situations to choose what your most likely response would be. Answer the questions honestly.

Q: Why isn't there a regularly scheduled Swim Test? 

The swim test is considered an add-on to the testing process and is only offered on an as needed basis. This means that if a municipal fire service partner requires a swim test as part of their current recruitment, the OFAI will offer a minimum of one swim test during the application period. It is the candidate's responsibility  to ensure their swim certificate remains valid understanding this test is not offered on a regular basis. The swim test can only be performed by OFAI. Testing by a third party is not permitted. 

Q:  How and when do I receive my certificate(s)?

A:  Candidates who are successful in their assessments will receive their certificates through their online user account.   Depending on current recruitment volume, certificates may take 48-72 hours before they are uploaded to your online account. All valid certificates are offered as a downloadable PDF from your online user account. It is recommended that candidates download and save certificates to their personal computers. Once a certificate has expired it is no longer available for download from your account. If you have a concern about your certificate, email info@ofai.ca

Q:  How long are my certificates valid for?

A: Validity period begins on the date the stage was successfully passed. Certificate validity periods are as follows: 

Stage One-Two years
Stage Two-Medical-One year 
Stage Two-Clinical-Six months
Stage Three-One year*

*Important: You must pass both the CPAT and the Firefighter Technical Skills in order to receive a certificate for Stage Three. Individual certificates are not issued for these assessments. In addition, if you do not pass the Firefighter Technical Skills within six months of the date you passed your CPAT you must re-test all of Stage Three. 

Q: If I am unsuccessful at a stage, when I can I re-test?

All OFAI failed assessments are subject to our re-test policy.  The re-test policy identifies the wait times candidates must follow before coming back to re-test.  The wait times are put in place to allow each candidate sufficient time to prepare (and in some cases, train) in order to be successful in their assessments.

The following identifies the OFAI re-test policy wait times:

1st Failure – 30 Days

2nd Failure – 30 Days

3rd Failure – 90 Days

4th Failure – 180 Days

Anything after a 4th failure will be subject to 180 day re-test policy.

Q:  Why do I need to download the pre-assessment guides?

A:  OFAI has prepared the pre-assessment guides as part of each Stage.  The pre-assessment guides contain all the information each candidate will need to know for each assessment including what to bring, what to wear, restrictions prior to testing, proper documentation to bring, testing locations and assessment processes.  There are important forms that each candidate is required to bring with them on their testing day that are contained in the pre-assessment guides.

Q:  What is the difference between "trained" and "un-trained"?

A:  The OFAI identifies a "trained" candidate as a person who has received some format of formalized firefighter training whether it be from an educational institution or through a fire department.  An "untrained" candidate is one who has not done any formal firefighter training at all.

Q:  Do you have to be trained to register for Stage Three?

A:  Ontario Fire Administration does not ask candidates to produce any documentation regarding training prior to registering.  It is up to candidates to be responsible for their own testing process.  The OFAI does not recommend anyone participating in Stage Three without some formalized firefighter training as the likelihood of success is greatly reduced as you are being tested on firefighting skills.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that you are prepared before enrolling in our assessments. Private or career colleges offer a variety of fire-related programs that can help you in preparation for testing (the OFAI does not recommend or endorse any refresher courses)

Q: I was unsuccessful on one of the Stage Three Firefighter Technical Skills, can I find out where I went wrong?

A: The evaluators at FESTI will not provide feedback, they only provide  a pass or fail result. If you are unsuccessful and you would like details as to where you went wrong, please complete the following information: 

Full Name:
Candidate ID:
Date Tested:
Details of the Assessment: 

You must submit your request utilizing the format above via email to info@ofai.ca.  A Program Manager will review your evaluation documents and respond back to you via email as soon as possible

Q:  Can I re-schedule or cancel my assessments?

Rescheduling Policy: Rescheduling Policy: The OFAI will only re-schedule an appointment once. In order to be eligible for rescheduling, you must provide us with a written request that states your name, candidate ID number, your testing date/time and your requested re-schedule date/time. This request must be received no later than 7 days from your appointment date. Not all re-scheduling requests are granted. During peak recruitments, the re-scheduling policy may not be in effect. Candidates wishing to re-schedule are still bound to the terms and conditions of their original appointment.

Cancellation Policy:  There will be NO refunds if you cancel your assessment within 5 business days of your assessment date/time.  Any cancellation made prior to the 5 business day deadline will be refunded, less a $50.00 plus HST administration fee.  All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to info@ofai.ca to request the cancellation of the booked assessment(s). It is the user's responsibility to abide by the cancellation policy of each assessment.

Candidates seeking cancellation within the 5 business day period prior to their test date will only receive a refund (less the $50 plus HST administration fee) if they can provide evidence that their ability to complete their assessment has been affected by serious illness or cause.

Serious Causes:

Serious Illness - hospital admission or serious injury: this must be accompanied by a medical note from a registered Medical Doctor.
Loss or Bereavement - death of a close family member: accompanied by a death certificate.
Hardship/Trauma - victim of a crime, victim of a traffic accident.

Please note that if you do not show up for a scheduled assessment, this is considered a 'no show' or missed appointment. There is no credit or refund provided. Candidates are expected to rebook the assessment at their own expense.

Q:  What type of first aid/CPR training do I need to successfully complete the Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment - Skill 6:  Medical skills?

A:  In order to successfully complete this skill test, candidates must have advanced first aid training, CPR training and the competence and training required to insert a properly sized oropharyngeal airway, operate a bag valve mask, apply an adult non-re-breather mask and describe the oxygen flow rate or concentration required.  For more information regarding this skill, please refer to Stage-Three Firefighter Technical Skills page on this website.

Q: Does the CPAT Orientation include a timed trial?

No. Candidates will not have a timed trial during their orientation. The CPAT Orientation provides the opportunity for candidates to prepare for the CPAT. The on-site fitness orientation session provides you the opportunity to view the CPAT events, talk with instructors, physically examine test equipment, tools, and practice. The orientations are conducted in small groups.


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