Testing Facility - GTAA Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute



GTAA Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI)
2025 Courtneypark Drive East, 
Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1J3

The Ontario Fire Administration Inc. Candidate Testing Services are contracted and facilitated through the GTAA Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute. 

Located at Toronto International Airport in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, The Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) provide easy access to the provincial and global community. Unlike other testing facilities that offer testing related to fire & emergency services, FESTI is a division of an operational fire department allowing them to harness their experience to provide current, up to date training and evaluations.

The technical expertise of the evaluators at FESTI coupled with their extensive industry knowledge made them the ideal choice for facilitating the OFAI CTS.

We drew upon the expertise of the FESTI team to work with us on the delivery of our comprehensive and cost effective candidate assessments.  Understanding the need for a standardized approach, the team at FESTI worked with the OFAI in ensuring that the delivery of the candidate testing services is of the highest standard, is evaluated and proctored in a fair and standardized manner and that it is delivered in standardized manner.

The facility itself is innovative and is an environmentally responsible design. FESTI features a combination of indoor classrooms with outdoor practical training structures built adjacent to the main facility. The well appointed classrooms have all the amenities necessary to do any type of training and evaluating. Four 20-person classrooms are available with one fully computerized lab. The Institute has a fully equipped 64-person theatre with tiered seating and the option of a divider wall to make two smaller theatres. There is a core assembly area and breakout space adjacent to the main facility. In addition to the complimentary use of a full kitchen, food services are also provided through a cafeteria. 

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