Candidate Testing Information

The Ontario Fire Administration Inc. Candidate Testing Services (CTS) consists of six (6) steps. The following information on the subsequent pages is a description of each of the six steps, and the activities involved in each step.  Step Four consists of our assessments.

  1. Step One:  Firefighter Information

  2. Step Two:  Candidate Self Selection

  3. Step Three:  Candidate Registration

  4. Step Four:  Candidate Testing

  5. Step Five:  OFAI CTS Certificates 

  6. Step Six:  Application for Employment

The following outlines all of the OFAI assessments in Step Four which, if passed successfully, will enable you to receive your OFAI certificates.  This certification will enable you to apply to participating municipalities.  It is important to note that all candidates must follow the testing process as outlined, by each stage.  Everyone starts at Stage One and continues through the process.  If a candidate does not pass one assessment, they cannot continue to the next assessment.  In addition, candidates will only pay for the assessments that they take.  Click on the following assessments for information, pricing, validity periods and re-testing policies.

  1. Stage One - Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™
  2. Stage Two - Hearing Assessment
  3. Stage Two - Vision Assessment
  4. Stage Two - Encapsulated Treadmill Test 
  5. Stage Three- Firefighter Physical Aptitude Job-Related Tests (FPAT)
  6. Stage Three- Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment

The following diagram outlines our CTS process.  


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