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Important Notes from Ontario Fire Administration Inc.

You must have Stages One, Two and Three to apply to the City of North Bay.  The Ontario Fire Administration Inc. does not submit your certificates or application to North Bay.  Each candidate is required to submit their application directly to the City of North Bay with all the necessary requirements as per the requirements in their job posting.  Their job posting can be found a

Questions regarding the City of North Bay recruitment process should be directed to North Bay directly.  Questions and information regarding the Ontario Fire Administration Inc. Candidate Testing Program and Certificates can be found on this website by clicking on the following links:

To view information on all stages, click on the following links:

Candidate Information - Stage Testing Process
Pre-Assessment Guides - This is a required piece of reading material for all candidates.
To access our Frequently Asked Questions, visit

The North Bay Fire and Emergency Services is seeking Probationary Firefighters who want to make a difference in the community by responding to fire emergencies and performing fire ground operations as part of an emergency response crew.

The following provides a summary of key components of the North Bay Fire and Emergency Services Firefighter recruitment and selection process.

Eligibility Criteria and Qualifications:

  • Minimum Grade 12 Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Valid Class “D” Ontario Driver’s License with “Z” Endorsement
  • Valid Standard First Aid and “Basic Rescuer” CPR (Level C) or better
  • Valid Candidate Testing Services Certificate through Ontario Fire Administration Inc.
  • Be available to respond and report to the fire station in an emergency situation within 30 minutes when off duty
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Have a pardon if previously convicted of a criminal offense
  • Willing to work 24 hour shifts (includes weekends and statutory holidays)

Assets Considered:

  • Sound knowledge of fire fighting principles, practices and equipment gained through either formal training and/or practical experience
  • Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program Certificate and/or volunteer firefighter experience
  • Previous experience in a mechanical or building trade

North Bay Fire Services supports the Ontario Operations Firefighter standards for education and candidate testing at full time municipal fire services. These new standards are now incorporated into our recruitment and selection process: (1) the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001: Firefighter I & II Certification is the new minimum standard of education and, (2) the Ontario Fire Administration Inc. Candidate Testing Services is the new provincial standardized candidate testing service for the full-time fire services.

Applications for this position are only available during an active campaign and can be found on the Employment Section of the City of North Bay's website.

To apply and proceed through the recruitment and selection process candidates must have and maintain an active email address.  It is the candidates' responsibility to provide and maintain current contact information including telephone number.  

The recruitment and selection process for a Probationary Firefighter position with North Bay Fire and Emergency Service is highly competitive and includes several candidate evaluation steps.  All candidates must successfully meet the minimum standards at each step to advance to the next step of the selection process.  

Candidates are asked meet specific criteria and submit documentation throughout the recruitment and selection process.  The information you provide and all related documents are an integral part of your overall assessment.  If offered a position you will be required to provide a satisfactory criminal reference check, proof of education, a clear driver's abstract and satisfactory drug screening.

The application period is now open and must be received at no later than Thursday, March 24th, 2016 at 4:30pm.

Join our team!

 If you are committed to helping people, work well with others, enjoy learning and are physically fit, you may be an ideal candidate for a career with North Bay Fire Services.

 A career as a North Bay Firefighter is both challenging and rewarding. Apart from fighting fires, you will perform many duties, some of which include:

  • Responding to medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents
  • Providing emergency patient care
  • Performing fire ground and rescue operations
  • Educating the public about fire prevention and fire safety practices
  • Responding to emergency hazardous materials situations
  • Conducting inspections
  • Maintaining firefighting apparatus, equipment and fire stations
  • Working as part of a team

Firefighters are expected to maintain a high standard of professionalism, solve problems, work as part of a dynamic team and possess excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

You must be physically fit to handle the sustained, intense, physical effort often required to perform these duties. You will be required to work at heights and wear supplied safety equipment.

Firefighting is a 24-hour a day, seven days a week public service position that involves working weekends and holidays. As a North Bay Firefighter, you will work an assigned shift averaging 42 hours per week over a sixteen week period.

Teamwork is of the utmost importance in the position of firefighter; firefighters live and work together in close quarters throughout their shifts. This means that all team members are responsible for station housekeeping and depend on each other to perform their duties successfully whether sharing routine tasks at the fire station, providing services at an emergency scene, or providing service assistance to other emergency agencies and/or the public.

Working under the direction of the Fire Chief, through a chain-of-command, firefighters are stationed in one of 3 stations, providing emergency response. On average, firefighters respond to approximately 1,700 emergency incidents annually. Over sixty percent (60%) of these responses are medical calls.

All firefighters are members of the North Bay Professional Fire Fighters’ Association, Local 284, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

To begin the recruitment process, you should:

  •  Familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements and the steps of our recruitment and selection process
  •  Familiarize yourself with the changes and or updates to the recruitment and selection process; use Ontario Fire Administration Inc. to assist your readiness

While we appreciate the interest of all applicants, only those selected to continue through the process will be contacted.

North Bay Fire and Emergency Services (City of North Bay) utilizes the Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI) Candidate Testing Services (CTS) which is wholly owned by the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs.   The OFAI Candidate Testing Service consists of five (5) mandatory assessments.  The OFAI five assessments, if passed successfully, will enable you to receive your full OFAI certification in which is required to apply for the position of Probationary Firefighter.

It is important to note that all candidates must follow the testing process as outlined by the Ontario Fire Administration Inc., by each stage/assessment.  Clicking on the following assessments will take you to the Ontario Fire Administration Inc.  website for information, pricing, validity periods and re-testing policies for all assessments.  The testing facility is located at 2025 Courtney Park Drive in Mississauga, Ontario. Pre-assessment guides can be downloaded as part of the testing requirement.  

For information on the assessment process, registering for assessments or other information pertaining only to testing,please contact the OFAI office at 905-426-6756 or by email at

Stage One - National Fire Select Test

Stage Two, Part One - Medical Assessment

Stage Two, Part Two - Clinical Assessment

Part Two - CPAT Orientation (optional)

Stage Three, Part One - Candidate Physical Ability Test

Stage Three, Part Two - Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment


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