Firefighter Technical Skills-Section Two Re-test

Firefighter Technical Skills-Section Two Re-test

Price: $125.00
Testing Date: 
Thursday, September 8, 2022 - 08:00

Anyone booking testing at Ontario Fire Administration Inc. MUST read our COVID-19 screening protocols and policies. Candidates must review OFAI’s COVID-19 screening protocols and policies prior to booking your testing through the online testing calendar.

You understand that failure to comply with OFAI’S COVID-19 screening protocols and policies could result in a cancelled test and that falsifying any information regarding our COVID-19 testing protocols could result in your expulsion from the OFAI Candidate Testing Program.   

OFAI’S COVID-19 screening protocols and policies can be found at:

Firefighter Technical Skills Section Two

THIS IS A RETEST ONLY.  If you are not sure what to book please read here for more information 

  • Please do not book this assessment unless you were unsuccessful in Section Two of the Firefighter Technical Skills on another date. If you were unsuccessful in both Section One and Section Two then you must book Firefighter Technical Skills Retest-Section One and Two together
  • After completion of successful registration, you will be sent two emails.  One that is automatically generated through this website and one that is from the OFAI office confirming your registration and your assessment time. All Firefighter Technical Skills Retest’s are scheduled between 8:00AM-2:00PM
  • Your appointment is NOT confirmed until you receive your  email from the OFAI Administration office. If you have not received your confirmation 5 DAYS before your test please call the OFAI office at 905-426-6756.
  • Incorrect bookings will result in an automatic refund, less a $25 plus HST administration fee. 

Section Two contains the following three skills: 

  • Roof Ventilation 
  • 7M Ladder Raise/Roof Ladder Deployment
  • Fine Motor 

 *Important:  if you do not pass the Firefighter Technical Skills (both Sections) within six months you must re-test all of Stage Three, Part Two-Firefighter Technical Skills.

Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment

Click on the link above for details.


IMPORTANT:  During peak recruitments, the re-scheduling policy may not be in effect.  Candidates wishing to re-schedule are still bound to the terms and conditions of their original appointment.

Cancellation Policy:  There will be no refunds if your assessment is cancelled within 5 business days of your assessment date/time.  Any cancellation made prior to the 5 business day deadline will be refunded, less a $50.00 plus HST administration fee. Please email to request the cancellation of the booked assessment(s). It is the user's responsibility to abide by the cancellation policy of each assessment.

Re-Test Policy:

All OFAI failed assessments are subject to our re-test policy.  The re-test policy identifies the wait times candidates must follow before coming back to re-test.  The wait times are put in place to allow each candidate sufficient time to prepare (and in some cases, train) in order to be successful in their assessments.

The following identifies the OFAI re-test policy wait times:

1st Failure – 15 Days
2nd Failure – 30 Days
All subsequent failures will be subject to a 30 day wait period.

Arrival times:

Stage One:  15 minutes prior to scheduled time

Stage Two Hearing: 15 minutes prior to scheduled time

Stage Two Encapsulated Treadmill:  30 minutes prior to scheduled time

Stage Three & FPAT:  30 minutes prior to scheduled time

 If you arrive earlier than your 15 minutes, please remain in your vehicle until closer to your appointment time.

If you are late for your appointment, you will be required to wait.

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