Important information regarding OFAI Testing

Important Information Regarding OFAI Testing

  • New testing dates are are added to the testing calendar at the discretion of the OFAI Administration office. A new month is usually added 4-6 weeks ahead of time, new dates to an existing month can be added at any time.
  • The OFAI Administration office currently has a wait list for assessments. You may call the office to be placed on this wait list,  but it is for cancellations ONLY. The wait list is not for new testing dates that are added to the testing calendar.
  • Any new testing dates added to the testing calendar will be announced on the homepage of the OFAI website.
  • At this time, OFAI will allow candidates to proceed to Stage Three without completing the Encapsulated Treadmill Test.
  • Please avoid double booking assessments. Administrations fees will be applied to refunds for these assessments. 
  • Please adhere to the OFAI re-test policy which is 15 days on your first failed assessment and 30 days on any subsequent failure of that same assessment. If you book an assessment prior to your re-test period, we will not reschedule you. The assessment will be cancelled, and the applicable administation fees will be applied.
  • Due to current volume of testing dates, the posting of certificates will be delayed. This includes vision assessment certificates. Should you require your certificates immediately, please contact the administration office. 
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