New Stage One Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ coming this February 2020.


The Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™) is used for the entry-level firefighter recruitment process and consists of a variety of sub-tests designed to measure critical constructs required for successful job performance as a firefighter.  The components of this test have been developed and validated by firefighters and fire captains who have experience performing the essential functions of the firefighter job.  Each construct measured by this test has been carefully linked to a national job description and identified as a critical skill or ability necessary for performance of the job.  

The entry-level firefighter written test consists of two sections: a general aptitude test and a personal characteristics section.  The FACT™ consists of 110 multiple-choice test items.  The FACT™ is weighted: 45% aptitude measures and 55% character measures.  The constructs measured by the FACT™ include: 
• Reading Ability (15 total test items) • Mathematical Reasoning (15 total test items) • Map Reading (10 total test items) • Writing Ability (10 total test items) • Personal Characteristics—to include: interpersonal skills, teamwork, commitment, honesty, integrity, emotional stability (60 total test items) 

The Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ is completed in a proctored classroom environment in a computer lab.  This test is valid for a period of 24 months.  If you do not pass the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ you may re-take it after fifteen days if it's your first attempt or thirty days on all subsequent attempts. An orientation guide can be purchased to assist you in preparation for this test.The FACT results in either a pass/fail.   Candidates are not given feedback in regards to the results of the test.
Candidates will not receive a mark.  In addition, municipal fire services are not given results.

Cost:  $65.00

Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ Candidate Orientation Guide

All of the constructs measured by the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ are based upon basic skills and abilities that a minimally qualified applicant should possess.  There are a variety of preparatory publications available that may be helpful to those candidates who could use a refresher  in basic reading, math skills, map reading, writing ability, and human relations skills.  We cannot endorse any particular national publication in terms of preparing for this test that was not created by FPSI. The Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™Orientation Guide is an entry-level firefighter practice test that will determine how prepared you are to pass the actual FACT. This test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions.  
You can order the orientation guide through FPSI by clicking on the following link:
The cost of the orientation guide is $15.00US.

This Orientation Guide is property of FPSI and any questions or concerns must be directed to FPSI at (888) 990-FIRE(3473)  or


If you have a disability within the definitions of the Ontario Human Rights Code and need to request testing accommodations for the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™, please contact the OFAI Administration office at  at least 10 weeks before the assessment to obtain the accommodation request forms.

Please Note: More information regarding this change to the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™) will be sent to candidates early January, 2020 including a link to the updated pre-assessment guide.

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