OFAI Candidate Testing Services - How to Book Your Assessments

Re-test Policy 

  • 1st Failure - 15 days – Candidates must wait 15 days before participating in a re-test.
  • 2nd Failure - 30 days – Candidate must wait 30 days before participating in a re-test.
  • All subsequent failures will be subject to a 30-day wait period.

This re-test policy applies to ALL STAGES of our testing program. Each stage is subject to its own re-test period; it is NOT cumulative over the three stages. 

Stage Three

Firefighter Technical Skills Split 

Effective January 10, 2018, Stage Three: Firefighter Technical Skills split into two sections.

  • Section One will be comprised of the 10 Metre Ladder Climb, Ropes, Knots and Tool Lift, SCBA Proficiency and Medical Scenario.
  • Section Two will be comprised of the Roof Ventilation, 7m Ladder Raise/Roof Ladder Deployment and Fine Motor Skills (Hose Assembly).

With this change, candidates are permitted to move to the second section of the Technical Skills if they fail a skill in the first section.  For greater clarification, if a candidate fails a skill in one section, they are required to stop that section immediately. However, they will now be permitted to challenge the skills in the other section, on the same day.

If  a Candidate is attempting Stage Three for the first time and fails the FPAT  - the skills portion is fully refunded and the Candidate is required to book a Stage Three again (**during Covid Candidates will be given the opportunity to proceed with their skills sections even if unsuccessful in the FPAT). The following test should be boooked:

  • Stage Three, FPAT and Firefighter Technical Skills - Section One & Two - $448.00 plus HST

If one skill is failed in both sections, candidates will be required to re-test the entire Firefighter Technical Skills.  The following test should be re-booked:

  • Stage Three, Part Two - Firefighter Technical Skills Retest – Section One & Two- $250.00 plus HST

If a candidate fails a skill in only one section, then they are only required to re-book the failed section.   The following test should be booked:

Select either:

  • Stage Three, Part Two - Firefighter Technical Skills Retest – Section One- $125.00 plus HST
  • Stage Three, Part Two - Firefighter Technical Skills Retest – Section Two- $125.00 plus HST


Important Notes

The Firefighter Technical Skills will NOT be completed in a particular order within each section. You will be advised once on site, as to which order you will complete the skills.

The OFAI continues to make revisions to our testing program to further advance and support the standardized testing process in Ontario, and will help support positive outcomes for both our firefighter candidates and municipal fire service partners.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 905-426-6756 or by email to info@ofai.ca.  Full details regarding these changes will be available on our website, and in the pre-assessment guides in early January 2018. 

Changes to Stage Two

On March 1, 2018, Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI) implemented a revised treadmill protocol as part of our Stage Two. 

The revised protocol is an encapsulated test, conducted on a treadmill.  Candidates wear personal protective equipment (bunker gear), and SCBA, less the mask, during the assessment. Candidates will continue to wear the masks utilized in our current protocol.  It is important to note that although we will still capture V02 values, pass/fail will not be based on those values.  The new protocol follows four phases of work and is designed to simulate the workload firefighters conduct on the fire ground. 

More information please review the pre-assessment guide.

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