Step Three: Candidate Registration

This step involves the selection of a dates and times to attend a testing session. Upcoming testing dates are available on this website on our upcoming test dates.  To obtain a full OFAI Certificate in which you can apply to participating municipal fire service, candidates must pass the following assessments:

1. Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test  (FACT)
2. Hearing Assessment
3. Vision Assessment
4. Encapsulated Treadmill Test
5. Firefighter Physical Aptitude Job-Related Tests (FPAT)
6. Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment

Candidates have the option of registering online, by email, by mail or in person at our administration office.  All candidates will have an online account through the OFAI website.

Once candidates have registered for a testing session, they will be required to download the applicable pre-assessment guides from this website. The pre-assessment guides contain information on what is involved in each assessment process, how to prepare, what to bring, required forms and what candidates can do to perform optimally in the assessments they will be completing.  The OFAI considers the pre-assessment guides as a required part of each assessment.

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