Stage Two – Hearing Assessment

Candidates are tested inside a soundproof booth and must indicate a variety of sounds at different decibels and Hz. Both ears are tested at 500 Hz/db, 1000 Hz/db, 2000 Hz/db and 3000 Hz/db when the audiometric device is calibrated to ANSI Z24.5. Devices to assist hearing are not permitted.

​On audiometric testing, permitted hearing loss is no greater than 40 decibels, unaided, in either ear at 500 Hz/db, 1000 Hz/db, 2000 Hz/db and 3000 Hz/db. Hearing loss greater than 40 decibels at each tone, in either ear is considered a failure.

Please Note: If your hearing assessment results are inconclusive you will be required to contact the OFAI Administration office to request a referral form to be completed by an applicable professional. If the professional indicates you meet our testing standards you will pass your hearing assessment. However, if you do not meet standards, you will fail your hearing assessment and will be unable to proceed with further testing. Completed referral forms must be returned to the OFAI Administration office no later than 15 business days following your original assessment.

Cost: $50.00 plus HST
Pre-Assessment Guide: Download

OFAI Hearing Test