Mental Health Screener

OFAI Mental Health Screener is an optional assessment tool offered by OFAI as part of the Candidate Testing Services (CTS) program.

The OFAI CTS program currently enables those individuals whose aptitude, physical and practical firefighting skills align with the needs of the municipal fire service, to pass through the system, while screening out those that do not meet the minimum standards and requirements.

We know that job readiness and firefighter performance go beyond physical health to include mental well-being and stress management. With this in mind, OFAI is now offering a Mental Health Screener as an optional assessment tool in the CTS program.

While this information may not be predictive of future mental health, it is intended to provide a snapshot of the candidate’s current well-being and identify individuals who may need additional support before starting a career in firefighting. Including a mental health component to candidate testing also emphasizes to individuals the importance and relevance of mental well-being to the fire service.

If you are interested in adding this to your recruitment process and would like more information, please contact Helaina Mulville at helaina.mulville@oafc.on.ca