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Ontario Fire Administration Inc., established a uniform and standardized selection process for all firefighters in the province of Ontario.

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Our hope at the outset of such an undertaking is that our process will support to make the fire service in the province of Ontario a leader in identifying the best suited and qualified job applicants, irrespective of their background and economics, as well as a leader in elevating the profile of fire services as a profession amongst the youth of our province. This will ensure a strong pipeline of strong job applicants for years to come!

What we are presenting is a conscious effort to move the fire service profession forward in a way that is manageable, defensible and works in the best interest of our profession.We believe, once municipal fire services have seen the factors that facilitated our need to change the current processes, that you too will support the move toward a uniform, standardized, province-wide candidate selection service. The Ontario Police Service adopted this standardized approach many years ago and it has proven to be very successful.

The OFAI is committed to ensuring our entry-level firefighter process identifies the best qualified candidates.Our intent is to enhance and build on past success in a manner that is proactive, where we can manage the selection of candidates into our professions ahead of any legislated compliance. We want to ensure that we have a defensible process in place, so that no matter who is selected into a role, we are able to defend our selection decisions. We also consider this process to be a win/win approach from a diversity perspective. What do we mean by that? Well, if a diversity candidate joins the profession and turns out to be under qualified for the role, the fact that such a person fails in the role sets a negative precedent for subsequent candidates from similar backgrounds who might be a great fit for the role. Hence the need to put a uniform, standardized province-wide selection process in place where we can get it right the first time!

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We believe that it is critical in understanding the framework in which a uniform, standardized province-wide selection process for firefighters needs to function. Below is an outline of our process. You will find detailed information regarding all of our assessments and stages in the firefighter information section of this website. This process can be used for both career and volunteer firefighters.

To learn more about our process, please contact our office at 905-426-6756 or by email at info@ofai.ca.

We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you and discuss how the OFAI Candidate Testing Services can benefit your municipality, help decrease your recruitment costs, and help save time and costs to potential candidate during your recruitment.

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