Candidate Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The following self-assessment questionnaire has been developed to aid you in deciding whether you would be a great fit to the role of a firefighter. You should be able to answer “Yes” to all of the following questions.

  1. Do I currently meet the minimum qualifications and legal criteria?
  2. Can I maintain a level of professionalism in my behaviour, both on and off duty?
  3. Am I prepared to abide by the hair, jewellery and grooming standards and policies of a municipal fire department?
  4. Do I actively demonstrate the values of respect, pride, professionalism and teamwork that are so important in the role of a firefighter?
  5. Am I constantly seeking opportunities for learning and self-improvement?
  6. Am I committed to learning and self-improvement for the rest of my career?
  7. Am I self motivated?
  8. Am I able to work harmoniously in close quarters with other people?
  9. Do I gain a sense of satisfaction from supporting my community for the benefit of others?
  10. Have I been free from involvement in detected or undetected illegal activities for at least the past three years?
  11. Have I adopted and do I maintain physical fitness as a way of life?
  12. Am I physically and mentally able to perform the required job tasks of a firefighter?
  13. Am I physically and mentally able to ensure the daily conditioning regimes required to maintain competence as a firefighter (running, workouts, on-going physical training)?
  14. Am I able to complete complex oral and written instructions?
  15. Do I have the financial resources required to complete the Ontario Fire Services selection process?
  16. Am I able to operate within a paramilitary working environment?
  17. To my full knowledge, at present, am I free from phobias related to working at heights, confined spaces, and able to maneuver with limited to no visibility?
  18. Am I comfortable using power tools and technical equipment?
  19. When working in situations that involve the suffering, tragedy or loss of other people, can I emotionally disengage in order to complete essential job tasks?
  20. Am I able to work on an alternating day/night schedule, for an average of 42 hours per week over a four-week period?
  21. Am I able to work 24-hour shifts under extreme conditions with little to no sleep (weekends and holidays included)?
  22. Am I able to maintain the minimum qualifications for the role of a firefighter?
  23. Do I have a support system in place for emotional support and debriefing for stress relief?
  24. Am I able to solve problems under pressure?
  25. Do I have the support of my family to commit the time required to study (approximately 2-hours a day) during the recruit process?

Review your selections. Did you answer no to any of the above?
Consider applying when you are able to meet all of the requirements.