Starting January 18, 2023, if you have booked a Stage One Renewal or Stage One and Stage Two Hearing Assessment, in addition to your OFAI confirmation and receipts, you will also receive one (1) unique test code which will enable you to access your Stage One assessment on your scheduled testing date. You are not required to do anything with this test code in advance. Please ensure that you bring it with you on your assessment date.

The test code will be e-mailed from this exact email:

You will receive this code up to 48 hours before your scheduled assessment.

If you cannot locate the email, please contact for assistance.

Please Note: You will no longer receive your pass or fail result for your Stage One Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™) immediately following your assessment. If you have additional tests booked on the same day as your Stage One FACT™, you will be permitted to complete them as scheduled. If you are successful with the FACT™, your account will be updated with a certificate within 72 hours. Please do not call the administration office for your results.